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Midas Construction are the premier construction company providing an end-to-end service across all aspects of construction, from design to project management, we can help.

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Providing work across the commercial and residential construction industry, Midas Construction provide top quality service. From new home builds to renovations, we can get it done for you. Our team of architects, project managers, and designers can help you bring your project to life and create a tailored experience that is best suited to your needs.

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Residential services

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We have extensive experience in all aspects of residential building including the construction of new-build residential houses, duplex construction, and townhouse construction, knock down and re-build, granny flat construction and additions, as well as home renovation projects.

We assist our clients with everything from design concept through to completion. We have a strong network of local building trades, sub-contractors, and services that can ensure clients get the best service and price for their project. At Midas Construction, we provide highly skilled craftsmen such as bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians who all work closely under the supervision of one of our directors to ensure that our project comes in on time and within budget, with as little disruption as possible.

Commercial services

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Our commercial building projects include fit out, refurbishments, extensions, renovations, and new builds. We deal with commercial companies directly, small business owners, as well as architects. We can project manage several jobs at the same time and supply a highly skilled workforce to deliver impressive results for each project. Our aim is to cause minimal disruption to our clients and their customers and to ensure all projects undertaken run smoothly. Our full services include units, health care, retail, shop fit out, and office extension.

Project management

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With a wealth of experience in managing jobs of all scales, Midas Construction are well equipped to project manage our clients’ jobs to ensure a smooth and seamless project journey. Our team will manage your project to finish on time and on budget, and make sure it is completed in accordance with building codes, plans, and specifications. Midas Construction is also available to include specifying scope, budget, and schedules, select subcontractors and trades, develop communication strategy for resolving conflicts, and more.

The benefits of using our project management services include:

  • Improved customer relationships, enhanced client experience, and added value for clients
  • Reduced costs and project profitability and increased margins
  • Successful partnering of business processes with key organisations within the construction industry
  • More success at winning work and better delivery of projects
    Better control of cash flow
  • Improved employee performance through effective staff governance and measurement
  • Elimination of inefficient and time-consuming processes


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Midas Construction has forged close working relationships with a number of architectural firms, creating a network that delivers only the finest architecture and interior design concepts to our clients. Our broad range of industry contacts enable us to combine architecture, interior and environs in concept, to achieve a true harmony of space. Drawing from a diverse pool of talent means that we are able to tailor approaches to each and every project - from character-driven structures to spaces loaded with ambience.

We are not bound by tradition in design, although we respect its foundations. We are always striving to embrace new concepts while staying true to what works, and collaborating with industry thought-leaders enables us to achieve optimum results for our clients. For our company, it is about achieving harmony between culture, style, and functionality to create timeless aesthetics that can be appreciated by all.

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